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SUN AND RAIN, dry and wet. The two seasons in Indonesia that prosper our lush land. Making flowers bloom brighter, trees grow taller, fruit sprout sweeter. Creating beauty in everything they touch. Just like a black and white or a yin and yang, we believe that opposite forces are seen as interconnected and counterbalancing, completing each other. 

It became the main inspiration of Two Seasons Beauty Space. To be the place that nourishes your body and soul where you can start your beauty journey and bring the best out of yourself.
We also believe that beauty has no boundaries. 

Two Seasons is a platform; a place where you can be whoever you want and where your beauty journey starts. The place that will make you smile in the sunshine and dance in the rainfall


To become a sustainable collaboration platform for premium beauty brands


  • Provide the best beauty experience sustainably and limitlessly, through operation excellence and technology.

  • Passionately delivering the best services and products on every single details.

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